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Susan’s practice is located in the seaside community of Dundarave in West Vancouver.  Her clinical expertise focuses on anxiety, depression, trauma, attachment and relationship issues.

Susan received an M.A. from UBC Counselling Psychology in 1991 and prior to that was a Registered Nurse (B.S.N.) for over 10 years.  She has provided psychological services in non-profit agencies as well as private practice.

Drawing on her many years of counselling practice, Susan utilizes a variety of interventions designed to help clients identify new possibilities for problems and confidently find solutions to interpersonal challenges.  She specializes in neurologically based techniques such as Lifespan Integration and EMDR that can quickly and effectively resolve past issues that are causing current life problems without re-traumatizing the individual.  Susan has a high success rate with many issues such as depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), acute grief and relationship problems.

Lifespan Integration enables clients to experience remarkable, life changing results in a consistently shorter period of time than traditional talk therapy.  Some trauma’s and issues resolve in only one to three sessions.   Susan is an approved Lifespan Integration Consultant and spends her time counselling, consulting and training therapists to use LI. 

Growing up on the north shore of Vancouver, Susan was raised in a family, which had a passion for the outdoors and an appreciation and love of nature.  Residing in West Vancouver with her family and two dogs, Susan remains an outdoor enthusiast, participating in a variety of activities such as skiing, cycling, paddle boarding, swimming, hiking and yoga.

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